5 Reasons Why Your Small Business MUST Go Online

Originally Published on Shustir.com


It’s a new year and a new decade. Isn’t it time for a new business strategy? If you have been procrastinating establishing an online presence for your company here are 5 reasons why you can’t afford to wait any longer!

1. Image is Everything
Your company’s identity is one of its most valuable assets. You work hard to make your store look nice, your employees look presentable, your business cards crisp and clean enough to impressĀ Patrick Bateman, but if you don’t have an online profile you are missing out on a great opportunity to bring that identity you have worked so hard on in real life to a whole new audience.

2. Your Customers Have Something to Say

Social Networking means more than your teenage kids spending every waking hour updating their status and trying to friend each other. It is a way for you to keep in touch with your customers, listen to their concerns, respond to their requests and collect their praise. Having a direct line of communication open with your customers will mean more business with higher satisfaction. Everyone wins!

3. Let People Know What is Going On

Just a couple of years ago, companies used to require days to deliver products or services update information to their customers. Things have changed since then. Today you can add or make any changes to your company and product related content virtually in a matter of couple of hours, publish on your site and share with the whole world.

4. Sell Everything All the Time to Everyone

It doesnt matter how dedicated you are, sometimes you have to close the store and go to sleep. It doesn’t matter how good your location is, there are going to be some people too far away to visit you. Except if you have an online store! You are open 24/7 with walk in traffic from all over the globe. Instead of just catering to some of the people some of the time you can become a worldwide phenomenon!

5. Did We Mention It’s Free?
Shustir is offering you a free storefront. Right now. All you have to do is click onĀ Join Now and you can immediately start customizing your own corner of the Internet. No rent, no utilities, no sweeping the walk way out front our making sure there is enough toilet paper everyday! That’s the kind of deal that makes smart business sense!