A Chicken in Every Pot, A Shustir in Every Garage

Originally published on Shustir.com

Over the last 15 years or so the Internet has brought us a few pretty cool things. Whether you are old or young, hip or square, quick or dead, you’ve probably found a thing or two on the big ol’ world wide web that legitimately changed your life. Well Shustir.com is trying to do that for you again. This time by giving you your own online store.

We believe that every person on this planet should have their own store. We’re all good at something. We can all do or make something that other people find of value. Why go through a middle man?

The ability to trade your goods and services on such a personal basis has such wide reaching implications, it is hard to fully conceive. Imagine a global marketplace with merchants, service providers, artists, musicians, everyone having access to professional grade e-commerce to trade with others.

At a time when everyone on this planet is rethinking his or her own financial stability, we want to offer everyone a store. The democratizing power of the internet is staggering. You don’t need brick. You don’t need mortar. If you got Shustir and you got something people want to buy, you got a place to sell.