Who is Kirk Faulkner 2

Hello. I am Kirk Faulkner.

I am a writer.

I am a bi-brain hemisphere writer; I use the right for novels, screenplays and standup, and the left for strategy, content and ghostwriting.

I have written extensively on marketing and strategy for several companies, brands and individuals. I currently write and produce a monthly broadcast for FMG Suite.

I have written a bunch of screen plays. I have an MFA from Tisch school of the arts in Dramatic Writing and have 8 scripts lying around my apartment right now. They’re good too. One was a quarter finalist in the Nicholl Fellowship. 4 got optioned. In 2015, I got hired to adapt the novel Buried Lies into a screenplay. Still waiting on that blockbuster

I recently finished a book with my dad that I will link to once it comes out and I have another book that should be coming out this summer.

I am a speaker.

I have been doing stand up since 2008. I have hosted a bunch of stuff. I produced my own live show. I also do improv and story telling.

I am a producer. I produced 3 episodes of MTV True Life as well as some commercials and short films.

I also do corporate work, whether it is more marketing driven, or entertainment for events. My personal comedy is a little on the dark side, but I have a very funny pg-13 act  on the topic of content marketing. I know right, trust me, it’s better than it sounds. If you’d like to book me click here.

I am also a preacher. I am not religious, but I enjoy giving sermons. In New York I started a church that was dedicated to secular humanism, stand up comedy and cocktails. It was maybe the happiest I have ever been. My church is a registered church. We have bylaws. We don’t collect any money for anything. Well, except the cocktails. I’m not paying for all the cocktails.

I am a futurist.

My longest period at a single job to date was the four years I spent working for Faith Popcorn, a Trend Strategist and widely recognized as the first official Applied Futurist. During my time with her I got to write reports like “The Future of Bread in Europe” and “Communication Advancements in the Year 2043” and lead companies around New York on Trend Treks. It was the best.

Even though I was a pain in her ass the whole time, she is my Futurist guru. Since then I have expanded my marketing knowledge alongside my spiritual understanding of some certain complexities of the universe. To me, Futurism is that combination of insight and awe that inspires application and swift execution.

Fun facts:

  • I am growing a mustache. Everyone hates it, but I recently read the first key to growing a mustache is to not give a F$%# about what people think.
  • After 12 years in Brooklyn and New York, I recently moved back to San Diego to do marketing with my dad. It has been great! I do miss NYC though.
  • I had three interviews to get a job writing for The Colbert Report. I even got to meet Stephen. 5 minutes after the third interview they called me and told me they were promoting from with in. Sometimes at night I still replay that interview and try to pinpoint what I said wrong.
  • I grew up Mormon. I’m not Mormon any more. I talk about it a lot.
  • I was a nihilist for a good part of my twenties. I’m not a nihilist any more. I talk about it a lot.
  • I have sat in ayahuasca ceremony 30-40 times over the last 7 years.
  • I have a youtube play list that everyone I know pretends doesn’t exist so they don’t have to talk with me about it.

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