How Do I Stop Over Thinking and Overreacting to Everything?


How do I stop over thinking and overreacting to everything?

One big example is: I was working at a relatively stable company. Then I overheard that we dipped a little in 4 years. Then I quit, joined a different company and it went down in 3 months.

My answer:

Kirk Faulkner

I have a flippant answer to your question, but then I will answer it sincerely:

How do you stop over reacting? Keep framing all of your life choices as failures and you will soon wear yourself down from failure frustration till you never take a risk again.

Ha. I am sorry, that is snarky. But I hope you see the compliment in it.

The first step is to acknowledge yourself and your efforts. You did an incredibly brave thing. And from your brief description it doesn’t sound like you did it impulsively, you felt there was some signs of trouble. What if the company had gone down after you left and the new company had been a raging success? I don’t think you’d be on quora running yourself down I bet! 😉

You rolled the dice and they came up craps. It happens. Here are three things you can do to turn this genuine moment in your life into a truly valuable experience:

  1. Choose your words – Watch how you talk about your employment choices. Both with other people and with yourself. Don’t take an attitude of defeat or pecimism. Take an attitude of boldness and forethought. Maybe that other company still might be going down? Maybe you have plans people aren’t even ready for yet! The way you talk about your situation will literally define it.
  2. Make it real – Create several pieces of insightful content based on your experience. Write a blog post, direct a short film, draw a comic, make a powerpoint (ha, I am serious, I friggin love powerpoint now, nerd alert). Do something to capture the experience and if you can, share it with others. Don’t be bitter and don’t burn bridges, but share something you learned and it will become meaningful.
  3. Dive in. Next time you find yourself in an overreacting mood, don’t try and shut it down. As long as you are in a safe place really focus on the feelings and the details of that mood. Does it remind you of other moods? Does it have warning signs that let you know it is coming up? The best way to control a mood like that is to get to know it, not to fight it.

Also, last piece of advice. Get tested for Adult ADHD. I got diagnosed at 35. Changed my life.

How do I stop over thinking and overreacting to everything?