How should I have a positive attitude in life?

I’m 21. Topped in school. Chose engineering because it seemed as the norm. Got admission in a premier institute. Couldn’t adjust to hostel life. Felt comfortable at home. Poor at maintaining relationships. College life came and went. Currently doing job where taken advantage of. Can’t figure out what to do with life. Feeling lonely and fearful of future.

A: I have gone through periods of darkness and periods of light. When I find myself in the darkness I adhere to the shut up, sit up and learn something method of state change. I learned this method while in a meditative state. When my mind would wander I’d repeat these words and it would bring me back into the realm of light.


First, stop talking so much. Stop talking about yourself. Stop turning every dark thought into reality by giving it words. If you really need to get something out, write it down on a piece of paper and then burn the paper. Watch your worries fly away with the smoke.

Once you have quieted down you will be able to hear much more. Start looking around at those around you. Who needs help? How can you be of genuine service? There are a million opportunities to be of use in the world around you. They are calling out to you, but softly. So SHHHHHHHHHH.

Once you are quiet, impose your own structure on your life to cultivate energy. Go to bed and get up at the same time. Be mindful of what you eat and how you expend sexual energy. Schedule activities that enrich your life and that allow you to contribute to others and the world at large.

Be vigilant in loving yourself as well. Anytime negative thoughts arise remind yourself that you are exactly who you are supposed to be right now. If the thought persists, say it out loud until it resonates within you. Accept yourself fully in the moment and it will open the future up to create how you will be there.

If you are quiet and listening and have energy, the universe will begin to send you a multitude of lessons. Open your mind and seek knowledge. To truly learn you must both study, implement and teach. Knowledge hasn’t truly been gained until it passes through us to another.

You have been given a gift that will guide you through this life, a gossamer thread leading to eternity: It is your curiosity. When you feel that string in your mind plucked by something it is a signal that you should follow that path and learn more. Learn learn learn and then learn some more. Share and learn and share and learn.

Darkness is inevitable. It is the companion of light. The act of pulling ourselves into the light is one of the more important skills we can cultivate in this existence.

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